Young, blonde-haired woman smiling at a dental professional during a visit

Family Dentistry and Holistic Wellness

Young, blonde-haired woman smiling at a dental professional during a holistic family dentistry visit

The health and wellness of your family is your top priority.

You may cook healthy, well-balanced meals and make sure everyone gets their recommended physical activity daily.

Holistic wellness doesn’t stop there; it extends into the dentist’s chair.

At Smith Family DentistryThis link leads to Home page, we take a unique approach to dental care, a holistic one, meaning we consider your whole body and that of each family member.

With holistic family dentistry, we incorporate your mental and overall health as we plan and execute any treatments.

So, what does that mean?

Understanding whole-family dentistry

Mother, father, and two children enjoying time together.

When we say whole-family dentistry, we’re referring to an approach to oral health care that incorporates the person’s whole body.

It’s an area of dentistry that includes care for people of all ages, and the care plan may change over time as the person reaches different life stages.

A holistic approach to care

Holistic dentistry is a branch of dental care that emphasizes the connection between oral health and overall well-being.

Ultimately, holistic dentistry includes spiritual, emotional, and physical elements.

Each care plan is unique with this approach and incorporates your health goals.

Benefits of whole-family dentistry

Whole-family dentistry, especially holistic dental care, has numerous benefits compared to traditional general practice.


You can find a majority of the care you need for yourself, your significant other, your children, and even your grandma and grandpa at a family dentistryThis link leads to Family Dentist page practice.

You won’t have to schedule multiple appointments with different providers and try to juggle them all.

Moreover, you won’t have to keep multiple providers on your phone and keep track of all the information.

Instead, you’ll save yourself time, effort, and headaches by receiving routine examinations, cleanings, and other preventative care in one place.


Finding a dentist is relatively easy with the Internet. You merely search your area and the dental specialty; voila, you have a list of practitioners.

However, the real struggle is finding one you mesh with and are comfortable confiding in. When you have multiple people in your family, you must find more than one dentist.

With this approach, you’ll only have to find one dental practitioner rather than stressing to find many.

A whole-family practitioner will get to know each member of your family and their unique situations, dental histories, etc.

As a result, every family member will have a pleasant experience every visit with a customized appointment for them.

Each of you will grow, and the dentist will grow with you to provide a consistently positive experience for dental visits.

Early intervention

Establishing good oral health habits, including going to the dentist for bi-yearly visits, is essential for a lifetime of good oral health.

Ultimately, you must start young, bringing your child to the dentist early. You and the practitioner can build on the relationship, making each visit pleasant.

When you choose a holistic family dentistry practice, the practitioner understands the unique needs of children and will take a gentle, child-friendly approach.

Comprehensive services

When you visit a family dentist specializing in holistic care, you’ll have a range of services your family can benefit from, all under one roof.

Our office is equipped to provide your family with complete care, meaning you won’t have to see several practitioners to receive all the care each family member needs.

A lifelong partnership

Your family dentist and his care will be unique to each of your family members.

The practice will become your dental home, and each family member will form a bond with the dentist.

You can establish trust and confide in that practitioner.

This lifelong bond makes going to the dentist less stressful.

Promoting lifelong oral health

You have your teeth for life; holistic family dentistry can help you keep them that way.

Dr. Clayton SmithThis link leads to Doctor’s page will promote a lifetime of good oral health by keeping you on track with your preventative care and providing you with ample patient education for you and your children.

Your dentist will help you and your child establish a strong foundation by developing a solid oral health routine.

Then, throughout every stage of life, Dr. Smith will continuously provide support and education as oral health needs change.

Holistic dental care is more than your average dental cleaning, though it does incorporate that.

With Smith Family Dentistry, you benefit from the whole-body approach and reap the reward of a dentist who can take care of every member of your family.

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