Dental Implants in Wilmington, NC

A dental implant, or tooth implant, is an artificial root that attaches to your jaw and supports a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are just one of the tooth restoration treatments available at a cosmetic dentist near you and provide an option for anyone looking to replace missing or damaged teeth.

We work with area specialists who will place your dental implants and allow time for it to integrate to your mouth. You will then return for a second appointment where the crown or bridge is secured on top of the implant.

With proper oral hygiene, dental implants offer a long-term solution for a happy and healthy smile.

The Team at Smith Family Dentistry is well trained in implant restoration. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Smith to learn all the truth about dental implants and discuss how dental implants work, whether they might be right for you, and ask any questions that you may have about the procedure.

Choose Smith Family Dentistry for your dental implant restoration consult in Wilmington, NC and don’t forget to smile.

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