What is a Root Canal and How Do You Treat It?

Root canals get a bad rap, but our family dentist at Smith Dentistry is here to help alleviate your concerns about pain and make sure you have a comfortable experience. We’ll start by helping you understand the process.


  • A root canal, also called endodontic therapy, is a procedure used to recover a tooth that has become severely infected or decayed.
  • During the treatment, infected tooth pulp is removed and cleaned.
  • Symptoms of infected tooth pulp include:
    • Increased tooth sensitivity
    • Pain when biting
    • Bad taste in your mouth
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What To Expect During Your Root Canal Procedure

Here’s what you can expect from your gentle root canal treatment at Smith Dentistry.

  • Local anesthesia is used to numb the tooth.
  • Small tools will be used to clean out the infected area through the top of the tooth.
  • The disinfected cavity is filled.
  • A dental crown will be applied to the top of the tooth.

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