A family visiting a dentist featured in a blog post about family dentistry services

How to Make Dentist Visits Easy for Your Whole Family

The only thing more challenging than convincing everyone in a household to visit a dentist is keeping track of all the different appointment times and locations. Fortunately, there’s one way to make dentist visits easy for your whole family. A family dentist is someone who can treat adults and children alike. That means parents and kids can all use the same dentist and eliminate the hassle.

Below are just some of the advantages of using family dentistry services.

Benefits of a Family Dentist

Same Place, Same Time

A family that sees the dentist together smiles together. When you use the same dentist for everyone in the family, there’s no more need to juggle multiple locations or office hours. The whole family’s dental needs are in one spot at one time.

Insurance Made Easy

You and your spouse are likely on the same health insurance plan along with your kids. But if you all use different dentists, you’ll have to make sure each one accepts your insurance. It’s far easier to just find one dentist who participates in your network and can treat everyone in the household under the same plan, terms, and conditions.

Two Birds With One Stone

Chauffeuring kids to dentist appointments can often mean taking time off from work or other obligations. But by using a family dentist, you can schedule multiple people for appointments on the same day. This allows you to knock out two or three appointments with just one trip.

Continuity for Kids

A family dentist can begin treating a patient when they are young and remain that person’s dentist into adulthood. That sort of continuity lends itself to forging a trusted and long-lasting relationship between patient and dentist.

Better Dental Records

Switching from one dentist to another can mean some dental records get lost in transition. The result is that the new dentist doesn’t always have the complete picture of your dental history. But when you stick with the same dentist for years to come, they will know your mouth inside and out.   

Make Your Appointments in Wilmington, NC

Now that you know how easy it can be to use the same dentist for the whole family, schedule your appointments with Smith Family Dentistry today. We keep patients of all ages smiling not just because of the work that we do, but because of the many benefits of using a family dentist.