Love Your Smile: Orthodontic Aligners and Clear Braces in Wilmington, NC

Orthodontic aligners offer an invisible option for those who wish to perfect their smile discreetly. Explore the benefits of these clear braces at Smith Dentistry.


  • Orthodontic aligners offer the same teeth straightening effects of traditional braces while being nearly undetectable visually.
  • A series of clear trays are used to shift your teeth.
  • The aligning trays are removable for eating and teeth cleaning.
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What To Expect with Orthodontic Aligners at Smith Family Dentistry

  • Dr. Smith will capture the shape of your teeth and prescribe an orthodontic aligner that fits your anatomy.
  • You will wear your aligners and periodically switch to the next tray in the sequence.
  • Regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress until you are ready to show off your new smile.

Smith Family Dentistry wants to help empower you to feel confident about your smile. Schedule a consultation in Wilmington, North Carolina, to see orthodontic aligners may be a good fit for you.


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