How To Know If You May Have A Cavity

Cavities can happen to anyone even when you take care to brush and floss every day. Don’t let decay get worse — visit Smith Dentistry for quick and easy treatment when you notice cavity symptoms.

  • Unchecked plaque buildup can result in tooth decay.
  • The holes that form as a result are called cavities.
  • Common cavity symptoms include:
    • Sharp, unexplained tooth pain
    • Increased tooth sensitivity to temperature and sugar
    • Pain when you bite down
    • Visible black, brown, or white stains

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What to Expect: Gentle Cavity Treatment at Smith Dentistry

We treat most cavities with tooth fillings. During the procedure Dr. Smith will:

  • Numb your mouth to prevent pain
  • Remove the decayed area of the tooth
  • Clean the infected area
  • Fill in the cavity with a special material

Smith Dentistry can take care of your regular dental care, as well as any treatment you may need for cavities or other dental conditions. Schedule your appointment today.